Business Banking Series Fact 10: Interest only is not a normal product

"The interest only mortgage: those were the days!" A regular comment from business owners I speak with.  Or more likely, "I'd like an interest only mortgage, are they still available?"

The simple answer is no.  This is not entirely accurate, as they still exist in the Buy-to-Let world, and many business owners will have legacy arrangements still on interest only.  For new mortgages, however, they are increasingly uncommon at best, and are typically only available as a 6-12month teaser to win your business.

The reality of interest only mortgages is that they are dangerous for the economy.  They are linked to and provided in booming economies and further inflate an accelerating property bubble.  We all know how the last one ended.

In boom times, banks offer interest only for 2 reasons.  1. As a teaser to win your business, and 2. because the likelihood of your business defaulting on the mortgage in good economic times is much lower.  This is fine if booms are stable, but they are not.

A really important point to understand is that in a down-market, banks do not want to repossess commercial property, or any property for that matter.  They are sat on so much stock already that has few buyers, and when stock is finally sold, often the property goes for a fraction of the market value.  As a result, they have a much stronger desire to see a business 'pay it's way', and that means clearing capital and interest.

Capital & interest mortgage calculations demonstrate how strong a business actually is, and is a far reliable indicator.

If and when the UK does experience another boom (which I personally doubt will be anytime soon), it is perhaps unlikely that interest only commercial mortgages will return.  As a result, business owners need to accept that commercial mortgages are on a capital and repayment basis, and factor that in to their financial forecasts.


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