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Shortcut a Time-consuming & Complex Process

Looking for Business Funding is now taking longer than ever, and is made doubly difficult by the fact that half of funders do not advertise themselves.  Add in a rapidly expanding, constantly changing finance world, that is difficult to evaluate or stay on top of, and this simple task can begin to feel like a full-time job.

As full-time professionals, we are able to short-cut, accelerate and simply the process of looking for funding.  We make all options accessible and available, explain what funders require, and can introduce some hidden funding sources that may quickly get your business moving forward ” Chris Davidson

Established in 2008, Discover & Invest is a business finance consultancy, working with specialist businesses to provide the finance solutions needed, in the quickest time possible.

We tell you where you can get the best funding, what you can get, what it’s going to cost you.  Quick answers to simple questions.



Top 5 reasons to use us

We are not tied to any lenders

In Development Finance, for example, we work with 35 lenders, non-exclusively, and take your application to the right options for you

We've done this before

In the last 12 months alone, we arranged over £15million in a number of specialist sectors, and are on target to hit £50million in deals this year

You get access to funders you wouldn't find

Those who do not advertise, with marketing leading rates and terms

We are quick

24 hours typically between consultation and provisional quotes

Up-to-date information from years of experience

We know what the marketplace offers and what it doesn’t. You will come away armed with all the correct information





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