Mr. Raja Suriyar

Managing Director, RS&L Ltd
Having been to the usual sources of finance, I found what I believed to be true.
It is either the banks if you can get in, or a very expensive bridge, if you can get in.
There was no middle ground, or so I thought.
Being introduced to Chris Davidson from Discover & Invest changed that thought.
He opened my eyes to a series of new insights.
Namely that mid-range funding did exist, that I could qualify, and at reduced rates.
Chris listened and understood the situation quickly.
With the knowledge and experience he has in the industry he was able to provide a solution.
It was a funding route that I did not know existed and probably wouldn't have found on my own.
I was able to access the lender quickly.
From meeting in February, we completed in May, and are looking forward to conducting future projects.
Most importantly, though, our business is now able to thrive, to succeed, and to take part fully in the UK property development marketplace.
Many thanks to you Chris for an excellent service.

Property Development Finance Facility

Mr. Paul Cohen

Director, Warrens Holdings Ltd
We were all very impressed by the amount of research Discover & Invest had obviously carried out on our behalf and in particular the range of knowledge and understanding of the finance market in the sector.

Property Development Finance Facility

Mr. Keith Punler

Managing Director, Kapital Assets Ltd
Discover & Invest were extremely professional to work with, and their network of potential funders proved to be extremely valuable as we sought to secure funding for residential development coming out of the well documented financial crisis, when most of our own contacts had either disappeared or closed for business. We have since returned to Chris for further requirements and look forward to working with him and the team in the future.

Property Development Finance Facility

Mr. Carl Collins

Managing Director, CC Property Group Ltd
Discover & Invest have been great to work with, Chris has been looking at projects for us for some time now and even though I own a Chartered Architectural Practice, finance companies have previously considered me to have no relevant experience for developments. Discover & Invest have been creative with the finance process and we have now managed to get terms on a large development. I would highly recommend Discover & Invest to assist anyone with these matters.

Property Development Finance Facility

Mr. Frank Dillon

Candy Hero Ltd
Having tried a number of avenues to find appropriate funding, we met Chris Davidson at Discover & Invest.

We needed help quickly, and Chris was able to get us in front of funders we were unable to find, with better products than we had thought existed, quickly and cost effectively.

We now have an interesting facility that started smoothly, which will allow our business to grow at a quicker rate than previously possible. Thanks a lot Chris

Cash Flow Lend

Mr. Charles McCole

CEO, Connect IT Ltd
Having been to the usual sources of finance, I found what I believed to be true.

Our infrastructure cable business had been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last year but our problem was a lack of confidence in fulfilling large contracts recently won. We needed lots of stock, on call, to fulfill 1-3 day turnarounds for large corporates, on a reactive basis.

We needed finance based on the stock, not on the firm orders. Discover and Invest’s knowledge of the marketplace, ability to access the best the market could offer to us and speed of response meant we could get in front of their contacts quickly. This resulted in recently agreeing an 800k facility to immediately finance our imported stock from abroad at a fixed cost.

This finance gives our business the confidence to chase, win and deliver on big contracts, ensuring the warehouse is fully stocked for reactive opportunities. Ultimately, our business will now grow at a much quicker rate. Discover and Invest found the right solution for our business requirements, just when we needed it, quickly and efficiently

Stock & Trade Finance Facility


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