Finance for Wholesalers

We offer a number of solutions for wholesalers and associated businesses trading physical goods.

You do not necessarily need 2 years filed accounts to qualify! Both traditional and non-bank funding is available, and can be approved against the value of the goods in situations where financial performance is not strong enough.

There are a number of varying options, depending on your situation and what works best for your business.

Products available that can provide an injection of capital:

Stock Finance
Import Finance
Export Finance
Trade Finance
Non-Bank alternative overdrafts
Secured Loans
Unsecured loans
Invoice Finance
Commercial Mortgages






As an example, stock finance works as below:

Typical Interest between 3%-15% per transaction period
Short-term Pay As You Go Facilities (between 30 days and 150 days)
Businesses with margins of 20% + preferred
Existing relationship with manufacturer/seller of goods preferred
Can fund the purchase of Raw Materials
Daily Pro-rate interest after Month 1
100% of landed cost paid for (including VAT, freight and Duty)

If you would like to assess the options, and find out which works for you best, click on the link below.


Charles McCole, CEO, Connect IT Ltd. Import Finance Facility

“Our infrastructure cable business had been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last year but our problem was a lack of confidence in fulfilling large contracts recently won.  We needed lots of stock, on call, to fulfill 1-3 day turnarounds for large corporates, on a reactive basis.

We needed finance based on the stock, not on the firm orders. Discover and Invest’s knowledge of the marketplace, ability to access the best the market could offer to us and speed of response meant we could get in front of their contacts quickly.  This resulted in recently agreeing an 800k facility to immediately finance our imported stock from abroad at a fixed cost.

This finance gives our business the confidence to chase, win and deliver on big contracts, ensuring the warehouse is fully stocked for reactive opportunities.  Ultimately, our business will now grow at a much quicker rate.  Discover and Invest found the right solution for our business requirements, just when we needed it, quickly and efficiently”

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