Farm Finance


Best Market Rates
No set up fees
Some products 100% tax deductible

There is a wide selection of different types of farm finance available for the agricultural sector. Depending on your unique situation, below is what we can do:

Commercial/Agricultural Mortgage Refinancing

From 1.5% over base
20 year terms available
6-12 month interest only periods possible

Secured Business Loans

2nd/3rd/4th charges available
No proof of income required
No exit fees so you only pay interest when using the facility
Minimum £25k
Fund your renewable energy projects, even if you have very low business income
Pay off outstanding creditors, VAT or tax bills
From 12% per annum




Land & Property Development Finance

Land purchases
Development of barns or other buildings
From 0.7% per month

We also:

Finance for tenant farmers to purchase as sitting tenants
Provide agricultural finance products secured against machinery, feed or livestock
Help farmers with Sale & Leaseback Funding requirements

On refinance packages & sale and lease backs, any money you receive will be inclusive of VAT and therefore will give you a VAT liability at the standard rate on the sale of your goods to the funder. You will be able to claim back the VAT element on the monthly repayments.

What to do next?

Every situation is different, and is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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