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The 3 Ways You Can Fund Trade Capital Gaps

If you are a UK or Global business that buys and sells goods and services, you will be familiar with the need to bridge gaps in cash flow or funding requirements, either from time to time, or on an ongoing basis. We are going to discuss some interesting new options, how this increasingly fragmented finance…
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The 9 Secrets to finding hidden funding sources

It used to be so easy, and fairly quick, to source funding for your business. In fact there was hardly any trouble. A handful of well known banks and major niche lenders and you took your pick. Post 2008 and now it’s not so easy. There are not only a lot more options that are growing…
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How to Compare Business Finance Products

One of the hardest aspects for businesses looking for funding is the ability to compare all of today’s options in an effective manner. More and more products are entering the marketplace, and there is some real variety in how they are structured. It's therefore important to know how to analyse and compare. Below are my…
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Manufacturers: Funding Component Purchases

A major change has happened recently in trade finance that now allows a whole new sector in the supply chain to get access to funding. That sector is the manufacturing industry. It has long been known in the trade finance game that lenders in this arena will usually only fund the purchase of stock as…
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The Emergence of Export Finance (and how to unlock it)

For firms that are involved in importing and exporting goods, there has always been access to import finance, but rarely export finance. But this is now changing rapidly. Firms can now look to fund not only the purchase of finished goods, but also the purchase of raw materials along with the funding of their overseas…
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The Changing Face of Invoice Finance

One of the most established and helpful business finance arenas over the last 25 years has surely been the invoice finance marketplace.  The ability for a business to cash in invoices early in order to aid cash flow clearly has a significant and positive impact on our long-term economy. However, one could argue that this…
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The 6 Steps To Take When The Bank Says No

Having a business loan application declined, or being informed that your overdraft has been halved overnight, is not a nice moment in the history of your business.  That crucial cash injection that could make all the difference just will not be approved, or in some cases there is the horrendous surprise when, after years of…
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An Introduction to Stock Finance

Finance that directly increases turnover & profitability With old forms of finance changing, obsolete or unobtainable, one business sector is in pole position to benefit from new forms of business finance. That sector is the stock-related business, those of which exist as wholesalers, retailers (including eBay shops), importers, exporters, manufacturers or distributors. An emerging form…
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Import Finance: How to pay nothing upfront for stock purchases

Of the businesses who purchase different kinds of stock, the one area that really hampers growth is funding the purchase of stock at the outset. It’s a cash flow killer.  Many firms are paying 30-50% deposits, with balances required soon afterwards, whether in the UK or abroad. As we know only too well, invoices can…
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