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The Emergence of Export Finance (and how to unlock it)

For firms that are involved in importing and exporting goods, there has always been access to import finance, but rarely export finance. But this is now changing rapidly. Firms can now look to fund not only the purchase of finished goods, but also the purchase of raw materials along with the funding of their overseas…
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The Changing Face of Invoice Finance

One of the most established and helpful business finance arenas over the last 25 years has surely been the invoice finance marketplace.  The ability for a business to cash in invoices early in order to aid cash flow clearly has a significant and positive impact on our long-term economy. However, one could argue that this…
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The 7 Key Elements of a Development Finance Facility

In the last few years, property development finance in the UK has started to evolve. However it can be difficult to stay on top of all the changing elements, especially if you are not speaking to every possible lender that there is and comparing like for like simultaneously. We will go through the key elements…
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Getting a Business Loan with Bad Credit or Zero Profits

Many businesses believe that if the banks say no to them, it must mean it’s impossible to get a loan. In fact a good number of businesses don’t even bother going to the bank, or trying, because they assume they cannot qualify.  This assumption can be incorrect, as it is not only possible to get…
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The 6 Steps To Take When The Bank Says No

Having a business loan application declined, or being informed that your overdraft has been halved overnight, is not a nice moment in the history of your business.  That crucial cash injection that could make all the difference just will not be approved, or in some cases there is the horrendous surprise when, after years of…
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12 questions to consider BEFORE applying for a Business Loan

There are many business owners out there who are currently looking for some form of finance, funding, or lending to help their business. Some will be looking for funding for the first time in years, and for others it’s a regular trial.  With so many choices and areas to think through, it can be a…
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