You can PROFIT from moving bank

I’ll bet you haven’t been told this before.  Why?  Because it has not come to many business’s attention; yet!

It’s very simple.  The Government’s Funds for Lending Scheme puts 2% back into your businesses pocket straight away (if you’re with the right bank).

A bank’s arrangement fee is 2%, but can be negotiated down to 1.5-1.75% if you know how.  Even deducting Valuation and Solicitors fees (you should not need to use a broker who charges a fee), there should be clear profit daylight there.

So 2% in, 1.75% arrangement fee plus valuation & solicitor fees out.

There is no better time to move bank.

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Chris Davidson is Managing Director of Discover & Invest Ltd.

He believes passionately in providing businesses with market-leading financial insights that have a positive impact on the bottom line.  As a result, Chris helps get the best rates and terms available at any one time.

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