Business Banking Series Fact 4: Why commercial mortgage terms are improving

FACT 4. Terms are improving.

FAO Commercial Property owners, or holders of commercial mortgages:

It is definitely worth applying for commercial mortgages today.  Why?  Credit policies in various banks are changing, and for the most part, they are improving.

I deal with banks on a weekly basis, and it has been very noticeable to see the changes that are occurring.  Debt service ratios per sector are improving, rates are certainly more attractive, and 6-12 month interest only periods are creeping back into quotes.

My personal opinion is that there is a real desire from individuals  inside banks, within the secured commercial mortgage sectors, to lend to UK business.  This again flies in the face of most of the media coverage, but something I believe to be true.

In the commerce property investment sector, for example, lease terms are beginning to be more flexible.   A thorny issue for sometime, with tenants refusing to commit to the long-term, and banks needing long-term leases to lend, a softening of the position is happening.  Banks are beginning to understand that they will not be lending much if a rigid stance continues.  3 year leases are certainly considered, down from 5 to 10 year positions in the last 12 months, with some banks at least.  A view is increasingly being taken on the odd 12 month licence if it does not affect the overall % of income too much.

In the manufacturing sector, one bank has been offering 1% discounts, bringing rates down from around 2.5% over base to 1.5% over base.

In the owner occupier sector, 80% LTVs are on the table.  So for businesses occupying their own asset, be it warehouse, office, or factory, there is encouragement to be had.

The message is this:  some banks are definitely wishing to lend, and the changes in credit policies right now reflect this.  Fact 5 will discuss the relevance of previous borrowing history, or the lack of relevance!


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