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Post Brexit Update: UK Property Development Finance

Brexit is a quite unprecedented moment for the UK economy, with every sector trying to understand the impact as the weeks and months go by. Property Developers looking for funding are anxiously wanting to know whether rates and terms will impacted upon as credit teams around the country analyse and assess. As a development finance business,…
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4 Revealing Development Finance Insights

This excerpt is taken from our recently launched Development Finance Guide, and provides property developers with 4 unique insights (out of 11 in the Guide) into the Development Finance marketplace today: 1. Why selecting Lenders by their Interest Rate is an inaccurate & misleading practice Most will understand that the headline rate offered by any lender is…
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The New Breed of Supply Chain Finance

For many global trading businesses, funding the gap between paying the supplier and receiving payment from the customer continues to frustrate. Whilst new products have entered the marketplace, the continuing frustration from borrowers relates to the lack of a mid market product, the ability to fund multi-million Pound/Dollar contracts as well as a constantly restrictive approval…
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How to Compare Business Finance Products

One of the hardest aspects for businesses looking for funding is the ability to compare all of today’s options in an effective manner. More and more products are entering the marketplace, and there is some real variety in how they are structured. It's therefore important to know how to analyse and compare. Below are my…
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