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Business Banking Fact 15: Businesses may need to use more than one bank

Loyalty has been the name of the game for eternity when it comes to banking.  "They are all the same, why bother moving, it's too much hassle," etc, etc. Banks are competitive, particularly if they are your current bank and sense your business may be moving. As discussed in Fact 7, different banks have different…
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Business Banking Series Fact 10: Interest only is not a normal product

"The interest only mortgage: those were the days!" A regular comment from business owners I speak with.  Or more likely, "I'd like an interest only mortgage, are they still available?" The simple answer is no.  This is not entirely accurate, as they still exist in the Buy-to-Let world, and many business owners will have legacy…
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Business Banking Series Fact 9: Privately owned banks want to lend

Unlike the state-owned banks, the privately owned banks do not have government imposed restrictions on their lending activities, and as such, are providing some of the more attractive commercial mortgage products in the marketplace. The reality is, in many cases, it's the fact they are providing products full stop that is their USP.  I could…
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