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How Has Brexit Impacted Property Developers?

With Brexit shaking confidence and stability within many industries across the UK, there’s no telling how it’s going to impact your business or interests. As a property developer, you’re highly dependent on the health of the construction industry, as well as access to plenty of new property buyers and BTL investors. We’re going to take…
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What have the new lending changes meant for BTL investors?

With cuts to the tax breaks and allowances in 2016, maintaining and investing in buy to let property has become much more awkward and harder to turn a regular profit in. Tax changes made it especially difficult for higher tax band payers, and the new PRA lending changes brought in in 2017 are set to…
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Post Brexit Update: UK Property Development Finance

Brexit is a quite unprecedented moment for the UK economy, with every sector trying to understand the impact as the weeks and months go by. Property Developers looking for funding are anxiously wanting to know whether rates and terms will impacted upon as credit teams around the country analyse and assess. As a development finance business,…
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4 Revealing Development Finance Insights

This excerpt is taken from our recently launched Development Finance Guide, and provides property developers with 4 unique insights (out of 11 in the Guide) into the Development Finance marketplace today: 1. Why selecting Lenders by their Interest Rate is an inaccurate & misleading practice Most will understand that the headline rate offered by any lender is…
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The 9 Secrets to finding hidden funding sources

It used to be so easy, and fairly quick, to source funding for your business. In fact there was hardly any trouble. A handful of well known banks and major niche lenders and you took your pick. Post 2008 and now it’s not so easy. There are not only a lot more options that are growing…
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The 7 Key Elements of a Development Finance Facility

In the last few years, property development finance in the UK has started to evolve. However it can be difficult to stay on top of all the changing elements, especially if you are not speaking to every possible lender that there is and comparing like for like simultaneously. We will go through the key elements…
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Market Insights into UK Property Development Finance

Land and Property developers have had a tough time of it since 2008.  One of the biggest business problems has been the availability of funding to a) move stalled projects, b) start new ones or c)take advantage of new opportunities quickly. The good news is there are some interesting finance products emerging in the marketplace. …
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