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Business Banking Series Fact 4: Why commercial mortgage terms are improving

FACT 4. Terms are improving. FAO Commercial Property owners, or holders of commercial mortgages: It is definitely worth applying for commercial mortgages today.  Why?  Credit policies in various banks are changing, and for the most part, they are improving. I deal with banks on a weekly basis, and it has been very noticeable to see…
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Business Banking Series Fact 3: Excellent Business Bank Manager examples

FACT 3. Bank managers that understand your business do still exist, but they are not where you used to find them. Find out where they are, and how to access them Here's a couple of recent examples: Example 1 - A gentleman contacted me recently who ran an interesting business, a Stud Farm, for Horses, in East Anglia.…
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Business Banking Series: Fact 2 – Loyalty does not pay

FACT 2. Brand loyalty does not pay.  Why your current bank is not incentivised to offer a better deal Most of us do it; staying with the same provider longer than we should.  A certain mobile phone provider and their lack of reception on the same day of every week (it's Friday) springs to mind! Supermarkets are…
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Business Banking Series Fact 1: Not the High-Street Branch

FACT 1. Going into the High Street branch is not the best way to source a commercial mortgage, business loan, or business banking manager One of the big misconceptions in this recession today is the fabled media line, "the banks aren't lending".  There are a number of reasons businesses and commercial property owners have come to this…
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Business Banking Series: 16 things you must know today

What's changed when it comes to banks, business loans and commercial mortgages There has been, in my view: a major lack of coverage about the changes that have occurred in banks during the current climate, with regard to how businesses can access lending. As a result, these changes have not reached commercial property owners, business owners and…
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Why your business mortgage rate just increased 2%

It’s become increasingly evident that business owners looking for a new commercial mortgage/re-mortgage are completely dumbfounded by the rates and terms that the market currently offers.  Here I’m going to explain why that’s wrong, what rates/terms you can get, and that it is not all doom and gloom! Was it really a boom? Unfortunately, the…
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Why Standing Orders hurt your Commercial Mortgage Rate

This little known fact is a gem: if you have customers on standing orders rather than direct debits, this practice is very detrimental to your mortgage rate, and how much you repay each month. Why? 1 - It stops you from moving bank 2 - It stops you being offered a more competitive rate by…
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You can PROFIT from moving bank

I’ll bet you haven’t been told this before.  Why?  Because it has not come to many business’s attention; yet! It’s very simple.  The Government’s Funds for Lending Scheme puts 2% back into your businesses pocket straight away (if you’re with the right bank). A bank’s arrangement fee is 2%, but can be negotiated down to…
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