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An Introduction to Stock Finance

Finance that directly increases turnover & profitability With old forms of finance changing, obsolete or unobtainable, one business sector is in pole position to benefit from new forms of business finance. That sector is the stock-related business, those of which exist as wholesalers, retailers (including eBay shops), importers, exporters, manufacturers or distributors. An emerging form…
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Import Finance: How to pay nothing upfront for stock purchases

Of the businesses who purchase different kinds of stock, the one area that really hampers growth is funding the purchase of stock at the outset. It’s a cash flow killer.  Many firms are paying 30-50% deposits, with balances required soon afterwards, whether in the UK or abroad. As we know only too well, invoices can…
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Market Insights into UK Property Development Finance

Land and Property developers have had a tough time of it since 2008.  One of the biggest business problems has been the availability of funding to a) move stalled projects, b) start new ones or c)take advantage of new opportunities quickly. The good news is there are some interesting finance products emerging in the marketplace. …
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Business Banking Fact 15: Businesses may need to use more than one bank

Loyalty has been the name of the game for eternity when it comes to banking.  "They are all the same, why bother moving, it's too much hassle," etc, etc. Banks are competitive, particularly if they are your current bank and sense your business may be moving. As discussed in Fact 7, different banks have different…
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